Frugé Seafood the best wholesale seafood provider for serious professionals who want to simply order fresh seafood and expect it to come that way.


We take the last wild protein on the planet and move it across three continents accurately, on time, with no surprises. So you can focus on your customers, not the fish. We make seafood look simple, but it’s really not that easy.

Our goal is your confidence, and we aren’t satisfied until our customers trust us to deliver fresh product on time, every time. Now, lots of our orders don’t even have to be checked in – our drivers simply unload the product, because our customers know the order is perfect. That’s how we strive to run our business every day. Choose us as your wholesale seafood provider.


We keep our customers product fresh. Everyone expects fresh product… But how fresh is it? How long will it last? Spoilage, not price, is the number one reason for high food costs.

Frugé Seafood’s inventory is real-time and incredibly accurate. If we take your order, we deliver because we know we have it available the moment that order is placed. We don’t warehouse product and try to sell it: we move fresh product from the fisherman to our customers and we only move what we know you already need. We give you the shelf life instead of wasting it in a warehouse. We keep it fresh! 


At Frugé Seafood, we deliver more than just top-quality seafood… we deliver our promises.

Before we were distributors, we were (and still are) farmers and fishermen. We understand Mother Nature accepts no excuses: you either plant and harvest on time, or you lose the entire year. At Frugé Seafood, we guarantee we will always do what we promise and more. And on the rare occasion we do make a mistake, we will make it right.

Our customers from Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana know that Frugé is the name for the best seafood in town.! Frugé Seafood: On time, every time, every day… just like we promise!