The Difference

Authentic Perspective

Frugé Seafood Company is authentic and unique. We were fishermen before we were distributors. So we understand the business like few others possibly can. We grow it, we catch it and we deliver it. We have personal relationships with nearly every supplier of every species we offer. If we haven’t been on their boat, we will be soon. Our promise to you is to provide superior seafood when you need it, just like you want it. We are: Simple. Fresh. Delivered.

Responsive  Service

We meticulously track every order, every contact, every customer and every error. Every day, every week and every year. And those discussions go all the way to the president of the company. We not only correct the mistakes, but we fix the problems to make sure they don’t happen again. All too often suppliers say they are “there for you,” but you eventually find out the hard way they really aren’t, just when you need them the most. Through our unique sales teams, rhythm and structure, we guarantee that we’ll be your most responsive supplier all the time.

Inventory in Motion

Fresh product tastes better and saves you money. Our inventory is always in motion, so we keep it in real time. It might be on a plane, truck, dock, boat or even on the way to your kitchen… the one place it’s not is sitting on our shelves waiting for a home. We know exactly where we are and what we have every day. So if we take you order, you can rest assured that it will be accurate, fresh and delivered.

Unique, Proven Process

We perfected our inventory process years ago because we had no other choice. We had one product back then: crawfish. They were live, with only a two-day shelf life. We had to move them from boat to customer in less than 24 hours with 100% accuracy from 500 miles away with no local support. We did it then, and we’ve done it consistently ever since for more than 20 years!  

“We never sell what we have. We take reservations for what you need!”

We only move what we know you already need. We’re not fortune tellers, but we do work very hard to anticipate the future. That means you are delivered only the freshest product on time, every time, exactly as promised. Simple. Fresh. Guaranteed.