Our Guarantee

Our Rhythm is the Difference. It’s real. It works. It makes your job easy!

No Headaches

Getting your order right every time doesn’t happen by accident. ,As of today, we are 98.3% accurate. That means your order is perfect nearly every time. We accomplish this through a unique set of disciplined daily meetings and communications that creates a rhythm for our business. Everyone from the driver to the president is part of the process every day, every week, every year. This is just part of what makes us one of the best seafood wholesalers in the industry.

Our rhythm is real and allows us to adapt to the slightest changes in customer needs, supply, weather and transportation challenges.  It requires tremendous discipline and dedication from our people, but pays off with happy customers who get what they want, when they want it.

We constantly monitor the needs of our customers and match it to real-time information from our suppliers. Anyone can be better once, but Frugé Seafood Company is better every day, every time!

No Surprises

Our customers work ridiculous hours and serve incredibly impatient people. Restaurant patrons are demanding and hungry, with high expectations and very short deadlines. We understand the challenges you face every day: you don’t need additional problems from your suppliers. Frugé Seafood is the brand of “fresh” seafood for serious professionals who don’t want headaches or surprises. We make it simple. And we deliver. On time… every time!


Simply put, it is the rule we live by. It’s our promise to you: Simple. Fresh. Delivered. We are going to make your fresh seafood needs simple. It is going to be fresh and perfect, and it will be on time every time. As president of Frugé Seafood, I guarantee it. And if you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact me personally at mike@frugeseafood.com or call the mainline at 877-215-4872.

Michael FrugePresident
Frugé Seafood Company

Simple. Fresh. Delivered.