Farm-to-Table Seafood


When it comes to seafood, freshness is key to delivering the highest-quality product to your customers. At Fruge Seafood, we are committed to providing our customers with only the freshest seafood, delivered right to your doorstep. How we do this is by dedicating ourselves to the Farm-to-Table mentality that has been with us since our humble beginnings.

What is Farm-to-Table Seafood?

The Farm-to-Table movement has really taken hold over the past few years and has helped to place the family farmer into our awareness. It has helped to sustain the independent farmer and keep healthy, sustainably-farmed food on many peoples’ tables.

Farm-to-Table seafood honors the idea of small, independent farmers and transitions it to local, independent fisherman, whose families and communities rely on their income  to survive. Small, independent fisherman help to guarantee that the seafood you receive from Fruge Seafood Company are sustainably sourced with the utmost care given to the oceans and the environment.

More than Just Seafood

While this way of thinking helps us provide quality seafood, the Farm-to-Table movement is about more than protecting our natural resources, it is about protecting the American family.

Fishing is more than a business to the fisherman in Texas and Louisiana, it is their way of life, and we often forget that real people and real communities depend on our oceans for survival. By knowing our fisherman, it helps us stay connected to the people that matter the most. By transferring the idea of “farm-to-table” to “sea-to-table”, we can help to guarantee the well-being of our oceans, our product, and our suppliers.

At Fruge Seafood, we are dedicated to providing our customers with locally-sourced, sustainable seafood, which will benefit their business, their customers, and the environment. We began as a crawfish farm more than 20 years ago, and understand the importance of knowing where your seafood comes from and how it gets onto the plates of your customers.

About Fruge Seafood

Simple. Fresh. Delivered.

As an online seafood market, we are dedicated to providing our customers with only the freshest seafood available delivered to your door with easy online ordering and the very best in customer service.

For  many restaurant owners and chefs, fresh seafood is one of the most difficult aspects of your business. You need the seafood product on-time and of superior quality every time or your business will suffer. Fruge Seafood understands this, and we offer a 100% Accuracy Guarantee so there are no headaches, and no surprises.

Only the freshest, highest-quality seafood you should demand from your online seafood market.