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The Beginning

Frugé (pronounced FREW-JHAY) Seafood Company’s roots trace back to a 20-acre crawfish farm started by Mike and Mark Frugé as a way to help pay for college. That farm has grown to 3,500 acres, but it’s still located right where it all started: Branch, Louisiana, right in the middle of “Cajun Country,” near Lafayette, in the south-central part of the state.

Over the years, Frugé Aquafarms, Inc. was created to broker and market live crawfish, the farm’s principle crop. Ultimately we realized a specialized distribution arm was needed to coordinate moving this highly perishable product, and Frugé Seafood Company was born!

Today, Frugé Seafood has grown beyond just distributing crawfish into a local company with global reach. We are a leading wholesaler in the market.


Our main distribution facility is located in Grand Prairie, Texas inside the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, ideally located for both inbound and outbound freight. And our sister companies are based in Branch, Louisiana, which give us access to the rich resources of the Gulf of Mexico. So Frugé Seafood is perfectly situated to distribute premium seafood to a three-state region including Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

At Frugé Seafood Company, we are authentic and believe the rhythm of our business makes the difference. We were fishermen before we were distributors, and we continue to grow one of our own products today. We focus intensely on our internal operations to optimize and continually improve our local and global supply chains, which not only make hundreds of products available, but we do it in ways that provide fresher product to our customers.  Our current total accuracy is 98.3%, with quality being accurate 100% of the time.

What Customers Want

Getting our customers what they want is our main focus. Our customers are busy and have complicated jobs with constantly changing conditions. The logistics of moving perishable fresh seafood around the globe on three continents is complicated, but Frugé Seafood Company takes pride in making it look SIMPLE!

In our business “fresh” is a relative term. We believe fresh should be measured by the shelf life available to our customers. The number one reason for high food cost is spoilage. And of course, fresh product tastes better and last longer, which means better value and less waste. Frugé Seafood Company keeps it FRESH!

And the last thing our customers need is excuses. Our goal of “on time, every time, exactly as promised” has driven our company for more than 23 years. Our product, service and promises are always DELIVERED!



Simple. Fresh. Delivered.