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When it comes to your customers, there are a few things that help you stand out from your competition. Offering friendly service, a clean business, and quality are among the top things people look for in a seafood restaurant. And when people think about quality, they look for local seafood that is caught regionally and delivered from a local supplier.

Fruge Seafood is a regional company located in Grand Prairie, Texas. We work with Gulf Fisherman that source our fresh seafood from Texas and Louisiana waters, so you know that your seafood product has not travelled far and that the people that catch live and work in the communities you serve.

Simple. Fresh. Delivered.

Quality is more than a promise, it is what we at Fruge Seafood strive for every single day. Whether it is the freshness of our locally-sourced, Gulf-caught seafood, our customer service, or on-time delivery, you can count on Fruge Seafood to provide you with the best in product and service every single time.

At Fruge Seafood, Simple. Fresh. Delivered. is more than a slogan, it is the way we do business.

Local Fisherman – Local Seafood

If you own a business that services customers in and around the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana, you simply cannot get away with importing seafood from other areas. Your customers are used to a level of quality that people in other parts of the country only dream about, and they can tell when the seafood on their plate is not up to their standards. In order for your business to thrive, you simply have to maintain a level of freshness and quality that can only come from locally-caught and sourced seafood products.

At Fruge Distributors, we live and work in your communities. In fact, we may have even patronized your business in the past, so we know how important freshness and quality are. This is why we are dedicated to providing you with only the highest-quality, locally-caught seafood.

More than a Seafood Distributor

We know you want more than just another seafood supply company. You are looking for a partner that understands your business, customers, and the need for locally-sourced seafood. We are located in Texas, work in the Gulf Coast region, and understand your customers and their needs. We have been in business for more than 20 years, so you know you are dealing with a seafood supplier with a long history of satisfied customers. This helps to guarantee freshness for our customers and helps to keep jobs in our great state.

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At Fruge Seafood, we want to be your Local Seafood Supplier. For more information about our company, seafood selection, and policies please call us at 877.215.4872 or fill out the form below.