Quality Seafood Distributor

Wild Isle Branzini

If you own a restaurant, you know that serving fresh, quality seafood is essential to the success of your business. Understanding what makes quality seafood and where to get it will help you make the right decision with a wholesale seafood distributor.

What Makes Quality Seafood?

While quality is subjective, there are a number of things that differentiate quality seafood from poor seafood. Understanding what these differences are will help you serve only the best, so your discerning customers will enjoy their meal, continue to come back, and even tell their friends.

  • How was the seafood sourced?
  • Who supplies the seafood to your business?
  • How fresh is the seafood?
  • How was it prepared?

While only the business owner has control over how the seafood is prepared, the seafood distributor you choose to partner with will help determine the source and the freshness of the product.

At Fruge Seafood we are dedicated to providing our customers with only the freshest, sustainably-sourced, farm-to-table seafood that helps ensure that your customers receive only the very best.


About Fruge Seafood

Simple. Fresh. Delivered.

As an online seafood market, we are dedicated to providing our customers with only the freshest seafood available delivered to your door with easy online ordering and the very best in customer service.

For  many restaurant owners and chefs, fresh seafood is one of the most difficult aspects of your business. You need the seafood product on-time and of superior quality every time or your business will suffer. Fruge Seafood understands this, and we offer a 100% Accuracy Guarantee so there are no headaches, and no surprises.

Only the freshest, highest-quality seafood you should demand from your online seafood market.