Recently this term has become part of a very broad conversation. In most cases, the term refers to sustainability of a species or the process by which it is produced. It has different meanings to different groups and certainly has multiple groups competing to define it, and of course, regulate it. The certification “process” is unclear at the moment. Some groups approve or disapprove fisheries passively, while others collect fees to “certify.” We look forward to the day when the process of species and producer certification becomes clearer.

Customers and prospects ask us about our stance on sustainability. Our answer is simple: at Frugé Seafood, we depend on sustainability. Our owners and employees make their living here. Our industry is small. Our wild product is limited, and farmed product has certainly had challenges. Life is too short to be unsustainable.

We have never, and will never, seek relationships either with customers, suppliers or employees for short-term gains. We want sustainable customers, vendors and most of all livelihoods: we all depend on it.

Through our sister companies we participate in the supply chain at all levels. We are fishermen, farmers, buyers, processors and distributors. We understand the challenges, and do not waste time with unsustainable practices.