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If you have ever been concerned about how healthy and safe the fish on your plate is, the only question you should be asking is “Is this seafood sustainable”?

But what does it mean to be sustainable?

The idea of sustainable seafood products began in the 1990’s and means that the seafood is either farmed or caught in such a way that the well-being of the oceans and waterways, the long-term vitality of the seafood, and the very livelihoods of the communities in which the seafood is harvested are taken into consideration.

In order to be considered a sustainable company, certain criteria need to be met, which were first developed and put forth by Seafood Watch. Some of these include:

  • Produce more wild fish than is used to provide net gains over time.
  • Protect wild fish stocks by limiting the number of escaped farm fish.
  • Do not pose any substantial risk to wild fish through the introduction of disease or parasites.
  • Treat and reduce the discharge of organic waste and other potential contaminants that could adversely effect the ecosystem.

A complete list can be found at Seafood Watch.

Sustainable Seafood Benefits

As it turns out, sustainable seafood is healthier. This does not come as a shock, and the journal, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment produced a study speaking directly to several benefits of producing sustaiable seafood products. Some of these benefits included lower levels of mercury and higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids.

At Fruge Seafood, we are dedicated to providing our customers with locally-sourced, sustainable seafood, which will benefit their business, their customers, and the environment.

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